cabin portraits

ongoing series of portraits made with a self-service photo cabin accessible from a metro station.

After I precisely positioned them in front of the lens (with help from the preview screen), I leave the cabin and the models have to keep the pose until the machine takes a shot. The amount of trials before printing one picture is unlimited. I then worked on enlargements of these portraits with a self-service Xerox printer.

Torre 2 & St Dunstan in the east

Two photographic series juxtaposed, depicting two deeply interesting buildings (a couple of apartment towers painted in yellow in Lisboa, and the ruins of a XIIth century church used as a public garden in the City neighborhood in London), as witnessed from distinct frames of time and space.

cagnar 2022

an intimate music and arts weekend in the Garrigue (France), right under the Canis Major constellation at the occasion of the summer solstice