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Born in Amiens (FR) in 1995, I now live and work in Brussels, BE.

It was sitting in the grass behind my parents’ house that I used a camera for the first time, a toy made of plastic whose colors matched with my coat, charged with a 35mm roll of film. One needed to operate a series of actions on the device (buttons to press, scrollers) before a flash could trigger from inside the box.

Years later, I had a similarly remarkable experience holding in my hands a mobile phone and using its tiny built-in ‘camera’. This day I spent framing and capturing through the screen, all around the great chestnut tree, or running behind the dogs. Being a teenager in Amiens, I wanted to frame and capture through cameras each and every discoveries, friendships and injuries. At this point I couldn’t understand yet that I was simply trying to formulate an answer to images I could see elsewhere (in medias and especially on the net). In 2013 I studied graphic design at ESAD Amiens, where the photography teacher greeted my talents despite the fact that I had « no idea what to do with it ».
In 2014 I subscribed to ESA le 75 in Brussels, where I live and work since, to train in documentary photography following the teachings of professionals in this field such as Hugues de Wurstemberger. When I graduated in 2017, I could clearly see the limits of a strictly photographic practice before my pretensions to artistic creation.

It’s in Master at Erg (Artistic practices and scientific complexity) that I have learned again to read, write and speak, developing a language around photography which includes sculpture and video and tends to keep critical of the positions ‘as an artist’. I was marked by the visions and methods of the artist Joëlle Tuerlinckx (Master Erg Installation & Performance, the school of thought), who has promoted my Masters’ Thesis ‘Au travers de ce texte,’ in 2020, and who I have assisted for the cycle of exhibitions ‘KelderKamerMuziek’ (initiated by MuseumCultuur Strombeek/Gent) and the correspondent publication that gathers the works of more than 50 contemporary artists.

I show my works regularly in renowned exhibition spaces (Musée Juif de Bruxelles, Mucem, Maison des arts de Schaerbeek, Maison Pelgrims, CcStrombeek, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles) as well as independent artist-run spaces or public spaces (Ateliers de la Princesse, Le Serpentin, N.I.D.R.A.J., la calçada de Santo Andre (Lisboa), Station de métro Bourse à Bruxelles). I also work as a photographer (fashion, editos, exhibition views and art reproductions) and as a graphic designer for art publications.

I train myself in relation with image-making devices, I seek to inform those relations, or I attempt to translate it. I hold in my hands small black boxes, shaking it in all directions as if I wanted to make them burst, observing them from a very close point of view. I’d like to fill the boxes with things they can’t see yet. Ghosts. One can witness cracks revealing on the sleek framed surfaces. Sometimes I turn the devices against my own face.

There are gears that jump out, informations which can’t pass on, large holes that open before our eyes. That way I explore extended materials, as for example natural elements and their behaviors, faces that say something without talking, facts and customs from the world as it reaches my senses. I seek to reveal in an obvious manner the presence of signs usually considered as shapeless, ridiculous common.



website : theoboissonade.com