The relation between a camera and its operator is determinant of the images that will pull out of the box. I attempt to translate sensations embedded through the lens, in between my hands, exploring extended visual universes and pretending to witness some more or less observable phenomenons such as the strength of wind and rain, strange facts and customs, a gesture that move me, the sudden revelation of trivialsigns, which now remain through the frame.

échos is an intuitive survey nourished with questionings and obsessions that could emerge at any given time of day and night, in front of figures I crossed, passing by. I seeked to photograph like magic, following a choreographed series of gestures, carefully repeated at each shot. The photo flies out in a flash that cuts out and apart all visible parts and plans.

With this attitude comes a desire to observe closely the odd and unexpected encounterings between cold designed systems, machines, their products, their slogans, and resisting living beings endowed with senses and imagination.

self-published photobook – pre-order sales only
color photography printed in Brussels, BE
212 pages, numbered edition limited to 200
with an introducing text written in french by Constantin Carsoux.

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