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three works will be shown at the groupshow initiated by Fabian ‘Margot’ Schoog at Ateliers de la Princesse, artist-run space in Brussels.

opening on 22/03/26

face 1, 2018-2022, laserprint on cardboard, aluminium, varnish


à la présentation de la publication / at the presentation of the publication
‘on prépare le terrain’ / ‘Cycle KelderKamerMuziek’ (VOLUME #1)

signée / signed Joëlle Tuerlinckx & Hugo Boutry

! à noter ! exceptionnellement ce jour : 

– Exemplaires à consulter sur place, sans limite / Copies for consultations on the spot, with no limit
– Formulaires de commande (choisissez votre numéro) / Orders on the form (choose your number )
– Faites emballer votre exemplaire (GRATUIT/FREE ) / Get your copy packed (GRATUIT/FREE)

groupshow An Inauguration
initiated by Fabian ‘Margot’ Schoog at the Ateliers de la Princesse, artist-run space in Brussels
opening on 2022/03/26

on prépare le terrain’ / ‘Cycle KelderKamerMuziek’ (VOLUME #1)
« Cette publication fut initiée in extremis début 2021 par Luk Lambrecht pour faire suite aux expositions, concerts, performances et événements online ayant pris place de septembre à décembre 2020 dans les caves (Studio S), sur le toit, à l’avant du centre culturel de Strombeek, et dans ses salles annexes dont la salle de concert (Concertzaal). […] La publication fait en son état 382 pages, établie par premier tirage de 50 exemplaires imprimés sur demande, elle est reliée sur fond carton 300g et glissée dans une couverture pliée à la main, faite des affiches originales des expositions. »
J.Tuerlinckx & H.Boutry

Une co-production de MuseumCultuur Strombeek-Gent, Erg, Cc Strombeek
Avec la participation de Fanny Aeschlimann, L.ADRACHE, Stéphanie Becquet, Gustave Boucard, Clara Bretheau, Laure Champeau, Léa Chauré, Alec De Coster, Adeline Cros, Garance Debert, Laurent Dupont, Jade Dreyfuss, Julia Droga, Lieze Eneman, Marius Escande, Gabriel Fellous, Christoph Fink, Alessandro De Francesco, Mai-Loan Gaudez, Paulo Guerreiro, Coraline Guilbeau, Marilou Guyon, Meryll Hardt, Gilles Hellemans, Estelle Labès, Emilie Lagrange, Luk Lambrecht, Alicia Lefèvre, Stella Lohaus, Margot Lombard, Emilio López-Menchero, Roxanne Maillet, Lutèce ‘Lockness’ Mauger, Adler Murada, Laura Nataf, Lola Lourdes, Adrien Lucca, Alice De Mont, Aurore Morillon, Dominique Morillon, Johanne Mortgat, Adélie Moye, Sophie Nuytten, Victor Pilar, Emmanuelle Quertain, Jana Rippmann, Matthias Roche, Johanna Roderburg, Rémi Rupprecht, Fabian ‘MARGOT’ Schoog, Loïs Soleil, Daria Szewcuk, Marc Vanderleenen, Oriol Vilanova, Ignace Wouters, Catherine Xu
+ invités
Remerciements à Lieze Eneman & Luk Lambrecht

Plongée dans le Cycle des Nymphéas de Claude Monet,au musée de l’Orangerie. Immense oeuvre peinte pendant la première guerre mondiale à Giverny, qui fut offerte à la France le lendemain de l’armistice (11 novembre 1918).
Devant ses peintures tous les visiteurs sont beaux, accordés, rayonnants !

Some days I wish we meet again for the first time.

eroded stone in Paris

construction works in Brussels


white lamp on the ceiling

white transperent curtains

tiny rainbow effect


stained glass windows


recycling sign


homemade quiche

digital sign in Brussels subway

spaghetti face

the underside of my tongue

leek, onions, bacon

insulation foam accident

frozen spider web

burning stack

glass of water in the sink

palm of my right hand

belly (sitting)

mushroom (sliced)

garlic clove

hair on the screen

id photo of a stranger, left in the streets

surimi sticks

croque monsieur sandwich in the director's office

"image not available"

improvised purée

colored synthetic feathers abandonned in the train

Roland Barthes, Fragments d'un discours amoureux

stacked chairs

our bellies

orange peels in the bathtub

omelette (close-up)

Foster peeing on the flowers

rotten sweet potato

self portrait in a second-hand discoball

strass stickers on phone and iPod

strawberry jelly cheesecake

tiny cheesecake

Subway sandwichman

peeled banana

baby in the back shop

funny coffee

self service sandwich

pinkie with shiny blue nail polish on

orange juice bottle

Hermes on elevator

dead houseplant out (rainy day)

no dog shit diy sign

cardboard boxes

brick with butterfly

pink toy car


lipstick on cup

heart shaped plastic bag

yellow stairs

a banana hold between our naked legs


brooms and shovels

apricots on a scanner

burnt chicken meat


cat under a car

posters falling down a barrier

man sleeping in the train

construction trash bags

taking a nap with a plastic bag on the head

mirror in the room (orange curtains)

stuffy sink with oil and water

crushed plastic water bottle

self portrait (shadow) with a sprinkler


close-up on her flesh

sandwich with cucumber, cheese and sausage


Léo's broken iPhone (selfie)

Léo watching his phone in the night

bowling ball


white chairs and window in an art gallery

meat at the butcher shop

frozen pizza cut in four

veggies on the hood of a red car

close-up on a bouncing ball made in china

dead fly

wind turbines along the motorway (north of France)

pylons along the highway

taxi driver

nine toothbrushes

windows in Paris

empty fries container (flemish carbonnade)

car interior folded on the pavement

pieces of bread on the ground


sanitary tampons in the fries

rest area

spaghetti fork ?

garden table (in the shop)


Théo in the dark

mirror facing the sky (moving stuff)

yellow sweater on the bed


gardens along the railway

eating fries (banner in the Brussels Midi station)

fingers on the fries


plastic clothespins

sunlight in the room

strass in the toilets

self-scans in a shelf at the supermarket

clothes folded in a shelf

sunlight through the trees, curtains and windows

improvides gratin

right hand (shadow)

grapes on blue plate

right hand (back of the hand)

ketchup on pasta

fireworks (red and green)


pink mouth (chin hold by my hand)

lone tree (blurry)


trash on dancefloor


polystyrene box under a tree

mandarine peel

cigarette butt in pasta

tiny pretzel ring

red pepper

mandarine peels with leaves



mirror on the ceiling of the supermarket

big box of pumpkins

cheese crusts on blue plate


reproduction of desks in the museum of european institutions

big table (snack xl)

car headlight with yellow tape

drops of water on dead leaf

self portrait (3D scan )

european flag

Leif kissing the camera

potato cakes and bacon

orange bucket in the sink

hemicycle at the european commission

surimi stick and mayonnaise

Aurora behind the window with ambulance outside

Leif with 2x 12 stars


Ben on the phone

apartments building in Amsterdam-Noord

dry flowers and toilet paper

cheese toasts with salad

broken yellow stained glass window (repaired with tape and cardboard)

aisle of sinks

close-up on a house plant

rain drops on a windshield

green fields (from a car in motion)

christmas tree in a bank office

dike in Mers-Les-Bains (december)

abandoned house on the cliff in Mers-Les-Bains

white rose

remains of aluminium foil after a snack

bushes (green)

two hand dryers

tunnel over a metro station

wine drops at an art opening in a library

trash (piece of potato)

reed structure built by Léo in the lake (Mikolajki)

Loubna with green helmet

Véra on the kitchen floor


empty mezzanine bedroom (blue)