clear all

eroded stone in Paris

construction works in Brussels


white lamp on the ceiling

white transperent curtains

tiny rainbow effect


stained glass windows


recycling sign


homemade quiche

digital sign in Brussels subway

spaghetti face

the underside of my tongue

leek, onions, bacon

insulation foam accident

frozen spider web

burning stack

glass of water in the sink

palm of my right hand

belly (sitting)

mushroom (sliced)

garlic clove

hair on the screen

id photo of a stranger, left in the streets

surimi sticks

croque monsieur sandwich in the director's office

"image not available"

improvised purée

colored synthetic feathers abandonned in the train

Roland Barthes, Fragments d'un discours amoureux

stacked chairs

our bellies

orange peels in the bathtub

omelette (close-up)

Foster peeing on the flowers

rotten sweet potato

self portrait in a second-hand discoball

strass stickers on phone and iPod

strawberry jelly cheesecake

tiny cheesecake

Subway sandwichman

peeled banana

baby in the back shop

funny coffee

self service sandwich

pinkie with shiny blue nail polish on

orange juice bottle

Hermes on elevator

dead houseplant out (rainy day)

no dog shit diy sign

cardboard boxes

brick with butterfly

pink toy car


lipstick on cup

heart shaped plastic bag

yellow stairs

a banana hold between our naked legs


brooms and shovels

apricots on a scanner

burnt chicken meat


cat under a car

posters falling down a barrier

man sleeping in the train

construction trash bags

taking a nap with a plastic bag on the head

mirror in the room (orange curtains)

stuffy sink with oil and water

crushed plastic water bottle

self portrait (shadow) with a sprinkler


close-up on her flesh

sandwich with cucumber, cheese and sausage


Léo's broken iPhone (selfie)

Léo watching his phone in the night

bowling ball

white chairs and window in an art gallery

meat at the butcher shop

frozen pizza cut in four

veggies on the hood of a red car

close-up on a bouncing ball made in china

dead fly

wind turbines along the motorway (north of France)

taxi driver

nine toothbrushes

windows in Paris

empty fries container (flemish carbonnade)

car interior folded on the pavement

pieces of bread on the ground


sanitary tampons in the fries

rest area

spaghetti fork ?

garden table (in the shop)


Théo in the dark

mirror facing the sky (moving stuff)


gardens along the railway

eating fries (banner in the Brussels Midi station)

fingers on the fries


plastic clothespins

sunlight in the room

strass in the toilets

self-scans in a shelf at the supermarket

clothes folded in a shelf

improvides gratin

right hand (shadow)

grapes on blue plate

right hand (back of the hand)

ketchup on pasta


pink mouth (chin hold by my hand)

lone tree (blurry)


trash on dancefloor

polystyrene box under a tree

mandarine peel

cigarette butt in pasta

tiny pretzel ring

red pepper

mandarine peels with leaves


mirror on the ceiling of the supermarket

big box of pumpkins

cheese crusts on blue plate


reproduction of desks in the museum of european institutions

big table (snack xl)

car headlight with yellow tape

drops of water on dead leaf

self portrait (3D scan )

european flag

Leif kissing the camera

orange bucket in the sink

hemicycle at the european commission

surimi stick and mayonnaise

Aurora behind the window with ambulance outside

Leif with 2x 12 stars


apartments building in Amsterdam-Noord

dry flowers and toilet paper

cheese toasts with salad

broken yellow stained glass window (repaired with tape and cardboard)

aisle of sinks

close-up on a house plant

rain drops on a windshield

green fields (from a car in motion)

christmas tree in a bank office

dike in Mers-Les-Bains (december)

abandoned house on the cliff in Mers-Les-Bains

white rose

remains of aluminium foil after a snack

bushes (green)

tunnel over a metro station

wine drops at an art opening in a library

reed structure built by Léo in the lake (Mikolajki)

Loubna with green helmet

Véra on the kitchen floor


empty mezzanine bedroom (blue)

the swans of the Saint-Pierre park

Sonia (polaroid)

blocks 2

cats meeting by the fountain

kids at an open air music festival

Faustine sleeping in the park


Alexis by the deck

hiding under the shower curtain

Etienne yelling at the phone out the window

Casou with cigarette

Mathieu sleeping on the clic-clac

amusement machine


protest for palestine

Marine on a cardboard tube

Lutèce, Nassim & Aurélien

Lorna taking a selfie with cigarette

collection of pigs for sale

late McDonalds

Océane (winter)

house party

Etienne on a bench at night

throwing up

paint stains in the sink

red bricks house in Amiens

Mathieu with rolled cigarette

broken fingers

Mathieu with panties found in the street




Baudouin in the dunes (selfie)

Lorna and Louisa



Alexis eating fries

Baudouin in the dunes


Faustine and Nassim on bicycle


Loubna in a huge cardboard box

at the fair (blurry)


Arthur with tights on his head

Lazare next to couple

grannies carrying a pack of beers

Baudouin climbing the bunker

dog at the fair

street ground

snow on the trail

Lucie on the phone on the ground (parking)


puzzle (tigers)

Alexis with white tee

Célestine's back

chemin du halage


Louis, Mathieu, Tibur and Max in the courtyard

Etienne (black and white)

old tuning car

dog behind the bar

Zoé, Océane and Loubna watching football on TV

Lucie in a dark corridor

horse under a tree (black and white)

Enzo on the phone on the floor

Julien looking into the mirror

ad poster (detail)

sweaters too big

Adrien (selfie)

Amiens train station (rainbows)

Abbeville train station

JB in the car

Mathieu with Julien and Lorna in the back

Athos in tall grass

wheat field at sunset

Marine at the Lune des Pirates

Halloween in Tournai

Beth and Etienne between two lives at the Lune des Pirates


Mathieu trying to uplift an old TV in the street

Motorama with glasses upside down at the Lune des Pirates

taking a break in the sun (together)

Enzo walking on his hands

weeping willow (winter)

cup with face


smoking room


Célestine walking (summer)

drunk fight

Zoé asleep in the train

Célestine's leg


office block 2

dog waiting for owner under the rain

50€ torn apart by mistake

broken glass

Loubna taking pictures of Zoé on the new bridge

Marine rolling a cigarette

Nassim under cap, hood and sunglasses

photographer in the night

Faustine getting a face tattoo with a pen

Mathieu after a show at the Lune des Pirates

Marine and Simon having a break in the sun

Mathieu and Juliette

kitten playing

mini family circus

condemned door

wedding dress


Beth and Océane

Sonia (square)

burnt down trash can


Célestine in elevator

Manor, Quentin and Jo


broken finger (new year's eve)

sharing cassoulet

Mr. Marcaille

chewing-gum in the elevator


Célestine smoking by the fountain

house (black and white)

Mathieu with girl on his shoulders

looking back

Jo with swimming goggles

Célestine with dead end

unknown people smiling

under the shower

blurry yellow lace

Max in front of a garage door

glass façade (1 window open)

inside a tomb

Casou under the rain

David eating a kebab at the bar

François and the Atlas mountain, live

Tibur and JB with iPhone in a tent

Aurélien smoking with blue TV screen behind

on a parking with JB

party in the courtyard

Beth, Océane and Casou dancing

Célestine (angry)

Véra on a stool

fake flowers on the market

Etienne on burnt down motorcycle

houses by the water

walking on the roof (sunset with cathédral and Perret tower in the background)

block 2

kid with blue scorpio tattoo

Zoé with phone

Célestine with red checkered jacket


garden dwarfs

dog in a 4x4

square behind the cathedral

white wall and car

"ma maison"

Arthur with a fresh shave

Lucie with crooked cigarette

office block

Loubna taking a picture

Tibur by the Bélu quay

Max and Etienne on the train to Lille


bench under the weeping willow

Célestine under umbrella


Quentin asleep on a car

Marine asleep at school

black liquid dripping on the pavement

fun dog under the rain

"A problem has been..."

Casou on the couch

in Saint-Leu neighborhood (tiger)

Tibur and McDonalds

harvested fiels

Max and Mathieu on the clic-clac couch

meat in the snack-bar


Simon with blue smoke (new year's eve)

Etienne (polaroid)

cigarette (polaroid)


in Dublin

Hamid in Ireland

new years eve

in Brussels

red neon nightclubs

train to Mons

Simon upside down

Brussels tram 81 (yellow)

bed in a hostel, Brussels

Tree (flash)

Nadia riding the BMX

Bonnie on white mattress

playing Xbox

Lutèce and Marine cleaning the flat

half-faced dummy

Faustine with lightbulb

stained glass in Amiens cathedral


Faustine carrying Bonnie in its case

vampire teeth

halfway through new haircut

rotten fries (3 weeks)

cut tree

playing ball with the puppy (winter)

swans in the Saint-Pierre park

eating fries on the motorcycle

ball trap

inspecting the basement of former weed farm

staying under the tunnel


fell under the tree

in the elevator

50€ paper plane


worn out christmas tree

red car with gold and silver balloons

five looking at the same phone

vegetables on the ground and scooter under the rain

concert photographer

Lorna swinging on a chair

Lucie in front of red bricks


taking picture from the palais de justice, Brussels

bull terrier in cinquantenaire park, Brussels



dog in Brussels

sleeping in the grass

group of tourists at Saints-Michel-et-Gudule de Bruxelles



in the train to carnaval

couple of tourists (black and white)

men talking out the window


Théo smoking a cigarette

Juliet and Léo smoking cigarettes in the park

vodka and redbull (x2)